Crucible Salts & Seasonings

Kona Kai Black Hawaiian-style Sea Salt


Exotic, sultry, dramatic, crunchy

A unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt, Kona Kai has a stunning black color and silky texture. This all-natural salt offers the same bold flavor and texture as a traditional sea salt, but with an added beauty and intrigue that's indicative of gourmet foods.

Made with pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal derived from coconut shells, Kona Kai Sea Salt is an exotic, sultry sea salt reminiscent of the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii. A unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt, the rich, black color and beautiful packaging options make this a stunning addition to any salt selection.

One of our bestselling Artisan® varieties, this all-natural salt stands out on the shelf and is sought out by consumers. Easy to use to add a dramatic finish to any meal, Kona Kai is a perfect finishing salt on seafood, grilled pork, or the rim of a drink. It's substantial crystal texture provides an extra crunch, and makes it perfect for rimming drinks.


  • All Natural Product
  • Certified Authentic
  • Kosher Certified
  • Organic Compliant
  • Optically Clean
  • Made in the USA
Ingredients: Sea salt and activated charcoal