Crucible Salts & Seasonings

Zinger® Lime Sea Salt


Vibrant, refreshing, piquant

Zinger® Lime Sea Salt embodies the vibrant flavor of tart limes— a citrusy combination of tangy limes and pure, clean, natural sea salt.

To create our Zinger® Lime Sea Salt, we combine tart, succulent limes with all-natural flake sea salt using a proprietary infusion process. An ever-popular flavor note and as versatile as fresh limes, this gourmet salt adds a tangy zest to any cuisine, especially Thai, Mexican, Southwestern and Middle Eastern.

All-natural Zinger® Lime Sea Salt has a piquant citrus taste and light, flakey texture, making it a great partner for the grill, superb in salads, and perfect for finishing dishes with the perfect amount of crunch.


  • All Natural Product
  • Certified Authentic
  • Kosher Certified
  • Organic Compliant
  • Made in USA
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Lime