Crucible Salts & Seasonings

The Ritz - Bold Tuxedo Peppercorn Blend


Elegant and complex

The tuxedo blend is a true classic. Simple, yet sophisticated. However, sometimes a classic needs a kick! Enter, The Ritz!

The Ritz is what we have determined to be the perfect mix of black peppercorns and white peppercorns. Ours is much heavier on the white than the classic tux recipes you may know. The fruity notes of the black are the first thing you taste, but then the white's heat comes through with a bitter pop at the end. 


  • All natural product
  • KSA Parve
  • Non-GMO

Ingredients: Hand blended with black peppercorns, and white peppercorns. 

Any spice is best to use promptly after it has just been ground. Another way to add the whole peppercorn flavoring is to place them in a cheese cloth bag and let simmer in a stew or soup, remove the bag before serving. Also notable, pepper loses its flavoring during extended cooing periods, so it is best to add towards the end of cooking.