Crucible Salts & Seasonings

Tomahawk & HiJinx Combo!


By subscription only... you can order a bottle of both Tomahawk and HiJinx to ship to you every month! Never run out again! 


Smoky, bold, complex perfection

Tomahawk Steak Seasoning is your ideal choice when you have a great cut of meat that demands a seasoning capable of matching its flavor without overpowering. Whether it be beef, pork, wild game, chicken, veggies, or even salmon! Tomahawk is a cut above.


Sweet, sassy, lively

Why have another dull “Bore-B-Que when you can add HiJinx and liven things up? Sweet with a side of sass... pile it high and deep and let the good times roll!

HiJinx is hand blended from turbinado sugar, kosher salt, amazing chilis, garlic, mustard seed, onion, cinnamon, and spices!